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How We Turn Complete Strangers Into High Settlement Clients Using Our Fully Automated Claim Finding Formula!

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Our mission is to help you sign-up 2-3 additional contracts monthly by adding 10+ claim ready consultations to

your calendar every single month. PREDICTABLY!


First order of business, you will tell us who your perfect “claimant” is and what area they’re in.

Whether you prefer to work claims for fire, water, mold, hail or storm damage… and whether they are residential or

commercial.. You decide exactly who you want to us to target.

Next, we’ll start to position you as the expert to these prospective claimants

We do this by using your Facebook Business account. With our advanced targeting strategies, and our proven and tested

messaging, we can guarantee you at least 5-10 exclusive qualified consultation appointment request monthly with your targeted ads.

Lastly, we sync these new booked calls directly to your calendar. So all you have to do is take/make these few quick phone calls and reply via text to property owners.

We know that every settled claim is worth a different amount, BUT if you were to sign up an additional 2 claims a month, what would that be worth to you?

How much extra claims would you have under contract after a year?

When folks learn that they have rights backed by the federal government, they can be represented by a high level Public Adjuster and they don't pay until a settlement is reached. Speaking from experience, it feels like a financial burden has been hoisted from us.

If it sounds too simple, you’re right. It took almost half a decade and investing thousands into my business to make it as easy as ABC…


To break down the numbers..

We show your ad to 100/1000s (depends on where you want to do business) of homeowners on Facebook everyday..

Out of those 100's/1000's of people, 50% of people will look at the messaging. From there, all who know someone with a possible claim, or perhaps they might have a claim, and then go through a verification process and 3-7 people will schedule a call with you.

Out of your 3-7 phone calls per week, about 20% of those will have a valid claim.

Our system on average are generating 1-2 signed contracts monthly.


This is going to be most useful for:

- Public Adjusters that are looking to have a more predictable income

- Public Adjusters that are looking to scale fast

- Public Adjusters that want to run marketing campaigns that that provide ROI

- Folks who are doing well but want to add fuel to the fire & scale without having to do all the heavy lifting themselves

You’ll Get More Contracts With This - Or Your Money Back.

We are confident that implementing the Property Claim Finding Formula you will make a real

improvement to your bank account

But to show you just how confident, I’m going to put my money where my mouth is.

Use the formula for 90 days and profit.

If you do that and it doesn’t work for you I’ll refund every penny paid to us.

No questions asked.

So go on - what do you have to lose?


We limit the clients we take on to 5 each month to ensure we can service them at an expert level.

If you wait there is NO guarantee we will have spots open to work with us.

So, if you want to make a positive change for you, your family (and your bank account) book your free 1:1 demo call NOW!

I hope to see you there!

- Twane

About The Founder..

My name is Twane Smith. Ever migrating from Jamaica in 2016 dreamed of owning my own business and having time and location freedom.

After a few unfulfilling jobs I stumbled into the digital marketing world, and found what I dreamed of.

I learned first hand how to master automation, lead generation and integrations, and I now know how to bring in clients for almost any niche.

Click the button to book a call with me or a team member to see a demo of the system first hand!

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